Good Luck New York Sanitation Department!

Before I get to my forecast, I wanted to mention I now have a new appreciation about how the local meteorologists feel after a bust.  Last week I thought the city area would get hit with a decent amount of snow from the “Norlun” trough. Turned out I was wrong. The good news was that instead of all that snow in the city, it piled up at Hunter Mountain, which I took advantage of on Saturday.  Now on to this week’s storm.

I mentioned a storm was possible last week, but this year the weather models have done a horrid job at predicting storms, so I waited awhile longer before posting anything. With that said, the only question remaining with this storm is can the NYC Sanitation department actually sanitize the city during and after the storm? My best guess, probably.

This storm will be a pretty powerful storm, delivering somewhere between 6-12″ of snow, even more across central and eastern LI,  to the NYC area Tuesday night into Wednesday. However, it will not be nearly as powerful as the Boxing Day storm.  The main reasons why is this storm won’t intensify as quickly and it will be a fast moving storm–resulting in more light snow and a shorter period of heavy accumulation. The big winner for snow totals will be  Hartford, Providence, and Boston with anywhere between 12-18″.  The biggest loser–DC/Baltimore.  The Mid-Atlantic snow hole continues!


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