Like the the Boxing Day storm, the New York City Area could see Thundersnow!  Like a night of binge drinking, the drinking — err the storm — will gain steam at Midnight and by 6 AM it will end, of course the partying in between was wild and crazy.  In this case the wild and craziness will be rapid intensification, and convection, which produces Thundersnow. This wild 6 hour period will produce upwards of a foot of snow, which is why I am thinking the city could see closer to a foot, rather than 6 inches.  Unfortunately, like a night of partying there will be hangover — the morning commute.

Snow Totals
NYC: 8-12″
Connecticut, Central/Eastern Long Island: 10-16″



One thought on “Thundersnow!

  1. Unfortunately it looks like the surface low over the Ohio Valley is stronger than what I thought it would be. This will help push the thundersnow further east. Eastern Long Island, Coastal Connecticut, Stamford, Providence, and Boston will get the brunt of this storm, including thundersnow. Totals have been updated.

    NYC: 6-10″
    Coastal Connecticut, Eastern LI, Providence, Boston: 16-24″

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