Here We Go Again!

Ladies and Gentlemen: it’s a new week, but here comes another storm. The weather pattern is starting to be as predictable as MTA fare hikes. The storm is going to hit the Pacific Northwest tonight, move across the Rockies and Great Plains tomorrow, and then start spreading snow into the Midwest and Ohio Valley on Thursday. When it spreads across the Midwest, gulf moisture will build and on Friday both systems will begin to merge into one storm. The storm will intensify and produce snow up and down the Northeast Corridor–just in time for the Friday evening commute home!

At this point, if you have been listening to me obsess about the weather, you know why this keeps happening–if you haven’t, the simple answer is the jet stream. The jet stream has set itself up like a treadmill the last 3 weeks and the storms just keep running over the Northeast dumping snow–well minus today’s rain.

Unfortunately the Euro and GFS models continue to play their respective roles. The Euro model being the overly aggressive Italian guy hitting on women at the bar, and the GFS model being the unassuming shy guy sitting in the corner hoping he might get to talk to a girl. Typically you want to fall somewhere in between. My thinking for snow totals reflects this thought, so bear with the broad ranges for now.

Boston: 6-16″
NYC: 6-14″
Baltimore/DC: 4-10″
Ski Resorts: 4-10″

If you're waiting for spring, Good Luck!

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