Tonight’s Forecast? A freeze is coming!

Mr. Freeze would appreciate the weather this weekend.

Tonight and tomorrow morning’s storm will bring snow to the Northeast. Besides suspending alternate street parking and messing up your newly polished shoes, this storm is going to bring insanely cold air for the weekend.

If you’re going out tomorrow night, be prepared to be smacked in the face with temperatures that will only feel 1 or 2 degrees above zero. Come diner time until 3-5 am depending on how hard you party–it will only be in the mid teens and it will feel like it’s 3 below zero.

Saturday’s high is only going to be 20 degrees. Screw brunch. Order in, and remember to tip the freezing delivery guy a little extra. Heck, maybe even offer him a coffee. Saturday night and Sunday provides more of the same thing. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the cold weather this weekend–but really there is only one person best capable of describing cold.

Weekend Outlook:
Cold, but at least it’ll be sunny!
Friday Night: Low of 15, windy temps will feel around 0 degrees
Saturday: High Temp Mid teen’s to 20; Low Temp Low teens
Sunday: High Temp Low 20’s; Low: Somewhere in the single digits

Ladies, if you choose to wear anything but jeans when you go out, please take a cab home. Gentlemen, if you see a lady who isn’t wearing jeans, offer your coat and let them have the cab–it’s what he would do.


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