Don’t Be Fooled

NY 1....Come On Son!

Now that there is already 3-4″ on the ground, maybe more, since I am surrounded by an island of asphalt, the snow totals need to be updated.  Apparently NY1 didn’t look out the window this morning and continues to preach 3-6″–C’mon SON! Unlike NY1, I am updating mine, and giving you a brief explanation why.

We received an unexpected 3-4″ because the first “phase” of this storm wasn’t supposed to make it into the Northeast. It did–it’s the reason why it continues to snow.

It may briefly stop snowing late
this afternoon–don’t be fooled if it does.
The second, more powerful phase of the
storm is already impacting the I-95
corridor. This is where the fun starts!

Updated Snow Totals:
DC/Balt: 6-10″

I will be updating via twitter @thenextbigstorm for more real time updates.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Be Fooled

  1. Adrian, I think I remember this about you now and that we talked about it long ago……your being a weather guru I mean…..I think I was sitting across from either Sarah or Josh at the time so we were working on EU. I like your blog!

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