The Ultimate Sliding Machine?

Bet you don't see this picture in BMW's next advertisement.

Wow! What a storm last night.  Thunder, lightning and snow; oh my! The snow piled up at 3+ inches an hour from 10:30 PM until 2 AM. In that timespan the city picked up close to a foot of snow. Snow falling that quickly leaves streets in horrible condition.  8th Avenue was nearly impassible for a time– as this lucky BMW driver found out. I did the right thing and helped get her car unstuck–150 feet later she was stuck, again. People, please avoid driving a rear wheel drive car during a snow storm!

Underestimated, Yet Disclaimed Snow Totals!
See everyone woke in NYC woke up with over a foot of snow!

Manhattan: 15-19″
Brooklyn: 15-20″
Queens: 16-20″
North/West Suburbs: 13-18″
DC/Baltimore: 6-10″ (I got this one right!)

Records Set:
NYC Snowiest January of Record
NYC Snowiest January 26th Ever

Worst Commute:
DC Beltway: A few friends said it took 4-7 hours to get home last night


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