Don’t Rock the Boat!

Don't be this guy!

Storm after storm, after storm has slammed the NYC metro area with record levels of snowfall for the last month.  This week poses a new threat–flooding. While there is some uncertainty left with this storm, its most likely going to be a cold, slightly mild rain storm. It won’t be a light rain either, New York City, Northeast NJ, and Coastal Connecticut could get 2″ of liquid precipitation over a 36 hour period starting late Tuesday night. It will likely start as snow, change to ice, then to all rain in most areas. Extreme North West New Jersey will see more snow than anything else, but everyone in the city should be prepared to wear their Gordan fisherman’s gear and ready to hail canoes instead of taxis. Remember–don’t rock the boat.

In all seriousness if you haven’t had the chance to clear your roof, you might want to consider it. The potential for roof collapses in the area is so serious the National Weather Service (NWS) issued a special statement about it.

While I am disappointed the city isn’t going to get anything out of this, I am ecstatic because ski resorts will finally add significant snows to their below average seasonal totals. It’s so bad that Hunter Mountain has received about the same amount of snow as Central Park.

Storm Totals:
NYC/Coastal Connecticut/Long Island: 1.5- 2.00″ of rain
Extreme Northwest NJ 6-8″ of snow
Catskills/VT Ski Resorts: 12-24″ of Fresh Pow.


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