Sticking to My Guns!

If you bought one of these after the last storm, the words "Sorry no refunds" are in your future.

Well, Well, Well it’s the clam before the massive storm and there is a million people on TV saying a lot of different things.  Why shouldn’t I throw my hat into the ring.  In my post yesterday I mentioned 1.5″-2″ of rain. That total is too high. Starting late tonight, through early afternoon tomorrow, the City will likely receive 3″ of snow.  Tuesday night is when the City will see ice, but mid morning on Wednesday I expect a full change over to rain. However, just north and east of the City (Suffern over to Port Chester and north) there will be no change over to rain and 6-12″ of accumulating snow/sleet. The northeast ski resorts–powder party!

People who are sick of the snow, please read on. This storm in enormous and powerful–its going to change the weather pattern. The Northeast snow machine will probably be in an off position for a long time. That’s not to say we won’t get any more snow, but after this storm pulls out, the weekly snow storm will be no more!

Updated Totals
NYC: 3″ of snow; .10″ of ice; .65″ inches of rain
North and East the east side of the Tappan Zee Bridge: 6-12″ of snow and sleet
Ski Resorts: 1-2′ of snow


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