It’s October, The NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation Index) is going negative, and if you were out late last night for a thirsty Thursday, you noticed it was pretty cold on the way home.  All this means one thing! Its going to snow tomorrow!

Just remember its Halloween, so you probably didn't see the Abominable Snowman!

WHAT! ALREADY! @#%$! You might be asking how the hell does this happen, but more than likely you ladies are thinking about how the lack of fabric in your  um “costume” will make for a really cold night, and us guys are hoping praying that you still decide to deal with the cold. My fellow males, remember, the gentlemanly thing to do is to offer your coat, cape, fur, or whatever form of warmth you have as part of your costume.

So what is going on? Tomorrow’s storm is actually going to be a rather large and powerful Nor’easter. Nor’easters in October tend to VERY powerful because the Ocean temperature is just starting to come down from its peak temperature at the end of September. The warm water is essentially a pool of gasoline, just waiting for a spark. That spark, a storm now moving over the Appalachians and into southeast VA, will hit the eastern seaboard and then rapidly intensify into a classic Nor’easter. The intensification will be so strong that it cools the already cold air, thus we get snow. If this was late December to mid January we’d be talking about a couple feet of snow along the I-95 corridor, but its October so it’s going to be more like a white rain–a lot of flakes flying, but not a lot of snow sticking in the major cities.

This storm will end up packing a punch, and if the city sees anything more than an inch stick, the October record for snowfall will be broken . Six weeks into fall and we are already talking about snowfall records!  It’s going to be a great winter!

Snowfall Amounts:
Immediate NYC Metro Area: 3-5″
Long Island: All Rain, maybe some flakes
Westchester/Coastal Connecticut: 3-5″
North Central NJ: 4-8″
Northwest NJ: 6-10
Wash/Balt: 1-3″
NW Wash/Balt suburbs: 2-4″


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