Bust Out the Fatties!

Besides the Snow-o-Ween storm the eastern seaboard hasn’t really had anything to write about this winter. The thought of typing something about how warm of a winter its been, aside from this weekend, is just too depressing. Instead I am bringing joy to others by writing about the potential “Snowpocalypse” thats going to happen in the Rockies this week.

While Thenextbigstorm was able to enjoy a fabulous, but brutally cold, weekend of  skiing at Killington and Hunter this weekend, the real fun will be at Whistler/Blackcomb and the resorts of the central/northern Rockies. If you are headed to Vail, Beaver Creek, Breck, Keystone, Steamboat, you need to remember to pack your fat skis. Seriously don’t go with anything less than 95mm underfoot. If you have rockers, even better.

What’s happening this week?  A massive pacific coast storm is going to slam into the Pacific Northwest.  The first phase of this moisture and very cold air made its way into the Pacific Northwest on Sunday–Seattle even received some snow. This was the first phase of what will be a stream of moisture making its way across the Cascades and into the Rockies. Some of the moisture is making its way to Rockies as I type, and will deliver 6-8″ of much needed snow to the Vail Resort area. However, the real fun will begin later in the week when a whole lot of moisture mixes with the cold air to create a Snowtini!

Growing a snow beard requires the proper amount of snow, a little bit of facial hair, fat skis, and a sick powder run. Yelling WOOHOO and maintaining a broad smile will encourage growth!

It will start snowing on Thursday, continue into Friday, and with scattered showers on Saturday the Vail resort area could see 12-18″ of fresh pow in a 36 hour period. The only thing better than snow is more snow! There seems to be the potential for another storm to setup Sunday through early Tuesday that could bring a significant dump.  If the second storms does set up, and you combine that with previous 36 hours, we are talking about a snorkel level event of 4′ or more!

So to my family headed out west, I will do a snowdance! If it pays off, the only thing I will ask for in return is a picture of someone growing a Snow beard!


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