Similar to Jim Mora and the playoffs, I thought we would never get snow, and you’d be better off not asking me about it. If you take away the freak October storm, we would be talking about Saturday’s snow as the first measurable snowfall of the season, likely the latest in New York City history. Even the snow barren winter of 2001-2002 saw snow in January.

Better late than never!

There is nothing super special about this storm, a low pressure system will move through, and bring arctic air with it. Where this arctic air parks will determine who gets the majority of the snowfall. With these types of low pressure disturbances–neither a coastal storm, nor an alberta clipper–the most snow tends to be produced north of the where the arctic air, and the low, decides to go.

Don’t worry neither your Friday, or Saturday, nights will be complicated by snowfall. The system will be working the day shift on Saturday, clocking in by 9 and clocking out by 5.

New York City: 3-4″ of snow
Hunter Mountain: 6″
Vermont Resorts: Sorry guys you got your snow last week!
Points of NYC: Wintery Mix and Rain


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