It’s a White Out!

How things change as the storm moves closer! It appears that the storm will intensify quickly and further to the south. All of this means my 6 hour old forecast is a little off.

In that span the NWS issued a blizzard warning for New York City, the chance for significant snow (“10+  in my book) is much higher now, and the Catskills are good bet for 18″+!

The timing of this storm could make for a dangerous commute home. If you can leave early, or work from home, you should.

It could be snowing harder than an old TV!

NYC Forecast:
Total between 6-10″: 90% certain
Total between 10-15″: 65% certain
Total around 18″: 20% certain

Northern Suburbs:
Total of around 12″: 90% certain
Total between 12-16″: 75% certain
Total around 18″: 50% certain
Total around 24″: 15% certain


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