Our First Snow!

Yesterday was an interesting day up and down the East Coast for both weather and football! A narrow “band” of heavy snow caught the Philly Metro area by surprise. This thin, yet very intense, band of snow produced over 8 inches of snow. The 8 inches in the Philly area was more snow in one day than all of last winter! How it happened, and why something like that is so difficult to predict is explained pretty well here.

As for New York? Tomorrow should bring our first true snow (“1+), so make sure you plan for a snowy morning commute tomorrow. If you are commuting via the commuter rails, you may see some delays on the way home as well.

The storm set up for tomorrow has similar characteristics of what happened yesterday. The storm that is over Texas right now will move into Northeast region late tonight and tomorrow. The moisture it supplies will interact with the cold air in a manner that will create convection (i.e. rapid upward movement of air that general produces more moisture) in the atmosphere and produce heavy bands of snow.

NYC will see some of the heavier snow for a time period in the morning hours. However, it depends on where the convection sets up! If the convection sets up right over our area, easily 4-6” of snow, if it sets up far to the south probably only an inch.

Snow Totals:
Immediate NYC Area: 2-4″
Long Island and Upstate: 1-3″
Northeast NJ: 1-3″

Be on the look out for storm potential this weekend!


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