Coyote Ugly!

While I wasn’t entirely wrong about the snow on Tuesday, it was a bit of a let down, but at least we got out first inch out of the way. Not to worry! This weekend will bring another round of snow for the Northeast, but more importantly the first significant snowfall for the Catskill ski resorts! NYC gets some snow, then slop. So if you don’t have any plans this weekend you should take a trip to up to Hunter on Sunday, the conditions should be great!

Over the last 3 days, New York City has been blasted by the coldest air of the season, and that trend will continue right into the weekend and help deliver snow, particularly north and west of the city. The cold air is going to be reinforced tomorrow because of a new low pressure system moving in from Canada and across the Great Lakes. The reinforcement of cold air will combine with a significant amount of moisture to produce heavy snow in the Catskills.  The storm moving into the area won’t intensify into a nor’easter and that means most of the cold air will remain in place to deliver snow to NYC. However, because we live next to an ocean,  warm air will make its way off the coast and the snow will transition to rain for a short amount of time, which naturally cuts down the snow total, and makes for a horrible mess.

So, if you stay in the city this weekend, this storm is coyote ugly. You will either gnaw off your arm and go upstate to save yourself, or you will save your arm–just know that you will be stuck inside with a crappy slate of NFL games and your delivery guy will still hate you, despite the standard the weather is horrible so I am giving him a bigger tip strategy.

Forecast and Timeline:
Saturday morning and early afternoon: Snow makes it way into the area
Saturday evening: Still snowing in NYC
Saturday Night: Like any  Saturday night it starts turning sloppy late! Heavier snow continues north and west, and in the Catskills.
Sunday Morning: Storm starts to exit area, but you still have to watch the Jets and Giants!

NYC: 2-3″ before the slop arrives
North and West Suburbs: 4-6″
Upstate and the Catskills: 6-12″


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