More Snow!

I would have written sooner, but I was out enjoying the fresh snow yesterday!

Starting early tomorrow morning, through the late afternoon, an “Alberta Clipper” system will swiftly enter and exit the area. Usually these clippers bring  a maximum of 3″ of snow to the eastern Seaboard, but every once and a while we get lucky–if you love snow like me–and the clipper actually  interacts with the moisture laden Atlantic Ocean and BAM we get 6″!

Alberta Clippers were named after the region the storm starts, and the old school clipper ships known for their speed.

There are indications this clipper could draw moisture from the Atlantic Ocean and go through some intensification, but it appears that is more likely to occur in the Boston area northward. So while I think the NYC metro area sees between 1-3″ of snow,  the clipper could decide to go a little psycho over our area and we end up with 6″.

-Snow for your morning commute!
-Snow for your lunch!
-Dark and not snowing for your commute home

Snow in NYC Area: 1-3″ (25% chance of 3″ or more)


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