Good, Bad, Good OR Bad, Good, Bad

Depending on where you live, and your perspective on snow, this storm has  three different phases. West of 95 from Fairfield Connecticut down to DC, its Good, Good, Good. East of I-95, its Good, Bad, Good.  I’ll be writing it from the perspective of a snow junkie–if you are tired of the snow, then replace the word good with bad, and vice versa. Got it? Good….that was a test.

Phase 1 of the storm is coming, in fact its heading up the coast a little earlier than anticipated which is a good thing, because we could end up with slightly higher snowfall amounts before noon tomorrow.

Starting around noon is when we dance with the devil–the rain/snow line. It’s areas south and east of this line that go through the bad second phase of this storm. I have a pretty high degree of confidence it will set up along I-95 and run along I-95 down through DC. However, in the DC/Baltimore corridor east of I-95, and the Central Jersey corridor, east of I-95, west of 440/9, north of NJ 72 there will be a larger zone of mix compared to the immediate NYC area. West of this area……..well I don’t like talking about it because, like a 5 year old, I wanna scream BUT THATS NOT FAIR!!!!!!

Then from 1 am till dawn we could see a good phase 3 of the storm–one last gasp of heavy snow across the entire area.

Snow Totals!
Good, Bad, Good Areas (some of the snow gets washed away)
NYC and Coastal Connecticut: 5″-9″
East of JFK, west of Hempstead: 4″-6″;
Jersey City/Hoboken/Elizabeth (Sorry won’t lump you in with NYC): 5-9″;
Central Jersey, east of 95, west of 440/9: 6″-10″; 6″
Coastal NJ: East of 440/9, south of Toms River: 2″-4″
DC/Baltimore Corridor, East of I-95, West of 97: 6″-12″
DC/Baltimore Corridor, East of I-95, East of 97: 5″-9″

Good, Good, Good (builds on top of what is already on the ground)
Westchester/Areas of CT North of 95 and East of Stamford: 10-16″
North Jersey (North of Exit 10, west of I-95): 10″-16″
DC/Baltimore Corridor, West of 95: 10″-16″

Quick Note: If, and it’s a more wish on my part at this point, all the areas in Good, Bad, Good don’t go through the bad Phase, we are talking broad 12-18″ snowfall everywhere, since that means the storm generated a healthy dose of cold air.


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