Good For Everyone!

This was no doubt the hardest forecast I have ever experienced in my life for a lot of different scientific reasons I won’t bore you with. Either way, the entire NYC metro area has received 10-15 inches of snow, with more on the way. The approaching phase should be all snow, but it may briefly start as sleet.

What’s impressive is that this last wallop of snow could drop between “4-8” on top of everything that has already fallen. These “wrap” around snows are always tricky because how much snow can depend on where the band(s) set up and how stable they are. Less stable, less snow; more stable more snow. Regardless, this storm was love at first sight!

Oh if I haven’t mentioned it, there is another quick system coming through Friday night into Saturday! After that we will start to warm up.

Snow Totals Tonight:
NYC Metro: 4″-8″
DC-Balt Corridor:2″-4″
Total Snow: 14″-24″ from DC to NYC

Friday to Saturday Snow:
Probably 2″-5″in the NYC area
DC/Baltimore: Undecided

Season Total
Not Including the amount that fall tonight
NYC Central Park: 51″
We are 9.4″ away from a top 5 winter!  LETS GO!


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