Goldilocks Thought NYC Was Too Cold

Well NYC missed out out a snow storm that would have put us on the brink of missing our all time snow record. We should still see around 3″ of snow, taking us over 60″ of snow. Those in the more southern parts of NJ will see upwards of 8″.

My friends and family in the entire Baltimore/DC area should see 8-14 inches of snow. 8″ north of the most northern part of 695, 8-12″ between the northernmost point end and the southernmost point of 695, and 10-14″ for the areas south of 695.

Lastly, I wanted to geek out on the polar air mass. The air mass that is pushing all this moisture south is incredibly strong. If this type of air mass was moving through our area the first part of February, instead of March, we’d be talking about the potential for single digit high temperatures and below zero lows.

Despite the higher sun angles, those who live in western Montgomery please be advised that low temperature Monday night will be around 0 degrees!

That’s it, until The Next Big Storm!


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