A Blissful Week of Weather!

About this time 12 years ago I happened to be getting on a bus to go over to the Pentagon to do some go-fer related intern task, when out of the corner of my eye I saw an incredibly beautiful girl get of the bus. My brain immediately thought, please god let her be an intern that I get to work for the summer! As fate would have it ,I got on the bus and noticed a stylish pair of sun glasses were left behind. Of course, I thought to myself, these glasses are hers–despite the bus being full of a number of other women– and I am destined to return them to her, make her smile, then coolly ask her out on the date. I did return the glasses and made her smile, but the asking her out on a date took 4 more weeks and was excruciatingly awkward. 12 years later I am lucky enough to be marrying that same beautiful girl, and doing it in Hawaii!!

The weather geek in me couldn’t help but give a forecast! There isn’t really any science to this forecast! All week it’s going to be in the low to mid 80’s during the day, mid 60’s at night. No rain, and few clouds! So while a Hawaiian wedding and weather, might have been a great reprieve from the amazing–well brutal for most sane human beings–winter, its still paradise!

So if you are coming to our wedding the only real thing you need to be thinking about is, how much sun screen is enough and how many t-shirts does one person really need?


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