A Cornucopia of Precipitation!

We will have an abundance of precipitation for Thanksgiving, most of it will be rain. Depending on your view, you may be thankful .

Deck the highways with backed up traffic falalalala lala la la! The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year, and what better way to make it more complicated than an east coast storm! If you are traveling by plane, you can expect some weather related delays on Wednesday. If you are driving long distance, you’ll be better off leaving very early Wednesday morning, especially if you are driving north!

A typical Northeast snow storm seems to be setting up, but for most of us in the tri state area, and the Baltimore + DC corridor, it’s going to be a lot of rain, and then some snow will fly as the storm exits. Typically, for these Northeast snow storms to deliver a lot of snow for the I-95 corridor, we’d already have cold air in place, and then the cold air is enforced with high pressure that stays parked over Quebec. If you haven’t noticed, it’s close to 70 degrees, so there isn’t any cold air in place, and the “coast hugger” track of this storm means maritime air will be brought on shore, keeping the colder temperatures that support snow to our north and west. Thus, people who dwell north and west of NYC, DC, and Baltimore you will see more snow than your city dwelling counterparts.

Regardless of where you call home, unless your are at a ski resort, amounts of 6″ or more aren’t likely. So when you are traveling over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house, just be prepared for a little weather along the way!

Initial Thoughts:
Immediate NYC including western and southern NJ suburbs: Rain then 1-3″ of wet snow (areas east of Nassau probably won’t see any snow)
Northwest NJ suburbs: rain then 2-3″ of snow
North of Westchester/Putnam County line: rain, then 3-5″ of snow
Catskills Ski Resorts: 8-12″
Vermont Ski Resorts: 10-15″

Immediate Baltimore area, including south east suburbs: 1-3″
Northern Baltimore, Western Howard County: 3-5″

Immediate DC area, including south east suburbs: 1-3″
Montgomery County: 3-5″


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