Manning Is Struggeling

It’s the start of the 4th quarter and it looks like Manning is behaving like Manning. The other global weather models have started to come around to the Euro, and some of my earlier concerns about this storm being suppressed to the south are going by the wayside.

Why? Our friend high pressure is getting stronger and stronger, making it harder and harder for the storm to come up the coast. It’s still 48 hours or so away so it can change, but like usual, it looks like Manning loses to Brady. We won’t know conclusively until the 2 minute warning (i.e. 24 hours from now), but it’s not looking good for NYC.

Richmond to Baltimore: Buried as always been the case
NOTE: My friend Frank Hood notes that Baltimore stations have a 12-24″ spread. Reason being northern most suburbs up Baltimore could see some cutoff.

NYC Area: 4-8″
Snow will start here early Saturday morning


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