The Perfect Track!

Like in the movie, I have no faith in how everything ends.

In the movie The Perfect Storm, a lot of little things came together perfectly–the cheap boss, the weather, the ice machine breaking, the radio antenna flying off, and the egos of the crew, etc.–to sink a ship, to remind a region of the perils of fishing, and to create a box office hit.

Like The Perfect Storm, a series of events occurred with today’s weather that will help send a storm on a perfect track–dumping more snow through the northeast corridor! If you hate snow, I’d advise you to stop reading now.

If you have been following @thenextbigstorm, you know that I’ve been calling for a cold rain since Saturday (a powerful, warm low was going to develop in the gulf coast, come up the eastern seaboard, and drop rain because the Dr. Freeze air mass was starting to move off the coast). Initially, I predicted this storm to occur Tuesday into Wednesday.

Instead–on Monday, the warm low stalled of the coast of Texas, gaining copious amounts of moisture and creating a monster sized storm.  This morning’s mini-snow storm added tiny shot of colder air to the upper atmosphere, which means, this weather will stick around for tomorrow.

Cold air + the southeast storm track + the monster field of moisture = NYC gets snow!

My Unsure, Yet Committed Snow Totals:
NYC Metro Area: 4-8 inches of snow
Washington/Baltimore: 4-8
Boston: 6-10

DISCLAIMER: You could wake up on Thursday with no snow and a lot of rain puddles, or you could wake up with over a foot of snow and complain about how unprepared your city was. So please, don’t get mad at your local forecaster or curse mother nature. She had fun with this storm!


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